US Gaming Conglomerate: Transforming Invoice Processing


Our client, a leading US Gaming Conglomerate wanted to automate their Accounts Payable process for Invoice Processing as part of their global digital transformation journey.

Our scope was to address the AP process for the US region with a volume of 25000 invoices per year from 430 vendors.

The key outcomes desired by the client for this AP process were: Cost, Accuracy, Risk

  • Lower cost of processing invoices at the Captive centres like India, Philippines
  • Achieve >90 accuracy
  • Avoid Fraud and meet Compliance requirements
Key Challenges
  • High cost of processing invoices
  • Low accuracy
  • Meeting compliance requirements
Benefits Derived
  • 85% faster processing
  • 95% average accuracy of the solution
  • Exceptions reduced to 7%
Our Approach

TAO leveraged TAPPTM and partnered with the customer to customize the solution to deliver value:

  • Provided a fully automated approach for AP invoice processing which involves reading of the invoice using an intelligent OCR solution –ABBYY FlexiCapture to capture data from the invoice and structure it according to the business requirement.
  • The intelligent OCR solution was used in combination with UiPath. Bots were used to interact with various workflow and ERP environments.
  • TAO’s TAPPTM brought in capabilities to enhance the intelligence of the solution:
    • Noise removal
    • Correction of false positives
    • Cost centre Determination
  • Complex Non-PO invoices with 400+ line items were also processed.

TAO team delivered the following:

  • End to end automation of the Accounts Payable Process.
  • Process design document with Solution approach, AS-IS and TO-BE process workflows; Technical Design Document.
  • Configured automation solution, including interactions/interfaces between various components.
  • Added validation checks to ensure independence, accuracy and completeness.
  • Support for onboarding into production.

Business Benefits Delivered:

  • A scalable solution that enables a Global footprint.
  • Global Invoice processing can be centrally Managed.
  • Process has become paperless
  • Improvement of the audit trail.
  • Productivity improvements: include reduced manual controls, higher quality invoice processing, and lowering the error rate.
  • AHT reduction of 85% and Error reduction in invoice processing.

The client is now in a position to roll-out the automation of the process on the basis of the assessment and its demonstrated business case.

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