Revolutionize your enterprise onboarding with our cutting-edge intelligent automation platform – TAO Intellicient.

Seamlessly streamline the process of bringing aboard new customers, vendors, and employees with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and lengthy manual procedures.

Intellicient Onboarding in Action

Streamlining The Hiring Process At A Diversified Global Conglomerate

Our platform leverages advanced AI and automation technologies to accelerate onboarding, reduce errors, and enhance compliance. From initial data collection to verification and integration, every step is optimized for maximum productivity and precision.

Experience the future of onboarding with TAO Intellicient platform. Empower your organization to excel in today’s fast-paced business landscape. Unlock the potential of effortless onboarding with our transformative platform.

Challenges in the Existing Onboarding Process
  • 52% Time spent on Transactional activities
  • Lack of Standardization
  • Longer process cycle time
  • Extensive manual or siloed processing
  • Quick scaling up based on business demands
  • Inconsistent customer, vendor and employee experience
  • Inordinately long onboarding cycle time
TAO’s Intellicient transforms the end-to-end Screening to Onboarding (S2O) process and Outcomes
  • 20% time saved that can be spent on more strategic activities
  • 33% Process cycle time reduction
  • 100% reduction in repeat and re-work
  • 30% faster processing
  • Scaling up or down as per business demands
  • 100% mitigating risk and meeting compliance requirement