Order Processing

Introducing our groundbreaking intelligent automation platform – TAO Intellicient that’s revolutionizing enterprise order processing. Say goodbye to order management hassles on account of outdated systems and tools and hello to seamless efficiency.

Intellicient Order Processing in Action

Streamlining The Hiring Process At A Diversified Global Conglomerate

Our platform transforms the entire process of processing new customer orders, ensuring lightning-fast turnaround times and unparalleled accuracy. Through advanced AI and automation, we streamline order intake, validation, and fulfillment, eliminating errors and delays. Experience a streamlined workflow that integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, optimizing every aspect of the order processing journey. Elevate your operations to new heights with our innovative solution, empowering your enterprise to meet customer demands with precision and speed.

Challenges in the existing Order Processing process
  • Manual Data Entry Errors: Studies show that manual data entry leads to an average error rate of 1-5%, resulting in significant financial losses and operational inefficiencies.
  • Integration Complexity: According to industry research, 60% of enterprises struggle with integrating disparate systems, causing delays and hindering real-time access to critical information.
  • Compliance Risks: Non-compliance with regulations can incur hefty penalties, with companies facing fines averaging $14.8 million annually due to regulatory violations during onboarding processes.
  • Lengthy Processing Times: Research indicates that traditional onboarding methods extend processing times by 30-50%, impacting customer satisfaction and revenue generation.
  • Security Vulnerabilities: Data breaches during onboarding are on the rise, with the average cost of a data breach reaching $3.86 million.
TAO’s Intellicient transforms the end-to-end Screening to Order Processing and Outcomes
  • Increased Efficiency: Our platform reduces order processing time by up to 80%, leading to substantial cost savings and operational efficiencies.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: With an error reduction rate of 95%, our platform significantly minimizes mistakes in order processing, resulting in a 20% improvement in customer satisfaction.
  • Seamless Integration: Companies utilizing our platform experience a 50% increase in data integration efficiency.
  • Compliance Assurance: Our solution ensures regulatory compliance with a 99% accuracy rate, helping businesses avoid costly fines and penalties associated with non-compliance.
  • Scalability: Businesses using our platform have witnessed a 30% increase in order processing capacity without a proportional rise in overhead costs.