Your business could be an established global enterprise. Or you might be rapidly scaling. In either case, your new candidate hiring and onboarding process is key to finding and inducting the talent that makes your business competitive.

The current standardised process in most businesses poses significant challenges for HR teams, candidates and new hires. With TAO SCOOPSTM (Screening, Offer and Onboarding Process Solution) your HR teams will be empowered to transform from operations heavy to more strategic HR roles.


Streamlining The Hiring Process At A Diversified Global Conglomerate

Challenges in the Existing HR Process
  • 52% Time spent on Transactional activities
  • Lack of Standardization
  • Longer process cycle time
  • Extensive manual or siloed processing
  • Quick scaling up based on staffing demands
  • Inconsistent Candidate Experience
  • Inordinately long onboarding period and poor new joiner experience
TAO’s SCOOPSTM transforms the end-to-end Screening to Onboarding (S2O) process and Outcomes
  • 20% HR’s time saved that can be spent on more strategic activities
  • 33% Process cycle time reduction
  • 100% reduction in repeat and re-work
  • 30% faster processing
  • Scaling up or down as per business demands
  • 100% mitigating risk and meeting compliance requirement