TAO TAPPTM (Touch-Less Accounts Payable Platform) takes an end-to-end view of the AP problem and addresses entity extraction, invoice categorization, data structuring, tax computations and invoice posting including managing exceptions and reconciliations. TAPP eliminates errors while delivering significant cost and time savings.
The TAPP framework is highly customizable for most requirements and can be very quickly implemented.

The TAPP Cockpit gives you unmatched visibility of the end-to-end AP process. You can now take complete control and make proactive decisions to improve cash flow, conserve cash and improve the vendor experience with confidence.

The User Experience is the hallmark of TAPP™ Cockpit. Its ease of use, business centricity and flexibility to changes provides you the most modern experience in dealing with business exceptions, query resolution and monitoring of process metrics.

Enterprise Accounts Payable process is a high-volume process for most large enterprises. The process has several steps and often interacts with multiple back end systems including ERPs. At the same time the process is mostly routine and when manually executed, time consuming and error prone.

TAPP automates the AP process that leads to better vendor management, cash flows and supplier relationships, improved TAT and compliance.
TAPP integrates seamlessly with SAP and Oracle ERP systems.

At the core of TAPP™ is the Extraction Engine comprising Proprietary Algorithms that use Machine Learning Models to provide highly efficient and accurate data from Invoices. The Extraction Engine is suitably supported by an Intuitive User Experience that provides a user friendly, process centric view of the Invoice transactions.

Send us a set of sample invoices and we will demonstrate the power of TAPP to you!

TAO TAPPTM in Action

Automating invoice processing at an American multinational conglomerate

Invoice Processing is the significant part of Accounts Payable Process
  • The median cost of manually managed Invoice Process within Process Accounts Payable is between $8 (best performers) an $17 (poor performers) (Source: APQC)
  • There is a high overhead cost per invoice processed
  • Lack of standardization with multiple invoice formats
  • Manual entry of data
TAO TAPPTM delivers up to 50% reduction in Cost of Accounts Payable Process for Invoice Processing
  • High percentage of accurate extraction of invoice data
  • Seamless automated process workflow
  • Intelligent reading and processing of GL Account/Cost Centers
  • Reduced average handling times
  • Elimination of errors
  • Works with multiple back end legacy applications and ERPs
Key Parameters RPA with OCR AP workflow products* TAO TAPP™
Method of Automation Coding RPA tool, extraction with OCR Implement Product Intelligent usecase platform approach
Automates the AP process workflow
Integrated Workflow capability
Handling Process variations ✓ additional coding required ✓ additional customisation ✓ built-in rules engine
Intelligent adaptation to changes  
Unified User Experience
Exception handling within single interface
Integrated OCR efficiency ✓ 70-80% ✓ 70-80% ✓ 95%
Confidence score monitoring
Pre-processing capability in OCR
Post processing features
Capture of all alerts in a Telemetry function for further analysis
Unified reporting dashboard
API connectors to 3rd party components
Implementation time 12 to 16 weeks 13 to 16 weeks 6 – 8 weeks
Cost per transaction pricing ✓ $2 to $3 ✓ 50 cents – $1.5