TAO: The Automation Office believes in the power of automation solutions and their potential to revolutionize how companies function. As your end-to-end automation solutions partner, we will work with you to develop your automation strategy, be it basic Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or more advanced cognitive and machine learning solutions, implement it swiftly and closely manage the entire change programme.

The value we deliver comes from being an independent, pure-play automation consulting and solutions provider with proprietary tools and frameworks, managed by the largest independent pool of experts and supported by best-in-class partnerships.

We understand the challenges and mitigate the risks you would face as you embark on your automation journey and we are committed to standing along with you as you sail new, unchartered waters.

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HOW We Automate

Our end-to-end solutions and service suite ensures that we are able to support the entire lifecycle of your automation initiatives.

You can automate several processes within your enterprise at various levels of benefits. End-to-end processes such as Account to Report (A2R), Order to Cash (O2C) and Procure to Pay (P2P) for example have several sub-processes that can be automated. Apart from these, the support processes of HR and Master Data Management also lend themselves well to automation.

There are specific processes in various industries that can also benefit significantly from automation. For example, the Insurance and Banking Industry have processes that are very unique and require a combination of the industry as well as technical knowledge to identify opportunities for automation.

Automation of processes using robotic tools has been in existence for a few years already and has gained a lot of visibility and traction towards large-scale adoption recently. The evolution of the workplace can be traced from traditional, physical workplaces to internet-enabled to digital.  To achieve a true digital workplace, enterprises must now turn to automation.

Most of the commonly known technology vendors such as Blueprism, Automation Anywhere and UI Path among others have capabilities that are largely similar. Even so, it is critical to look at technology and the combination of capabilities that would be the right investment for your business in the long term. This means arriving at the optimal combination of capabilities across the spectrum of available tools (and some proprietary) that will help create a robust architecture to address the specific needs of your business.

Our experienced consultants have a wide range of technical expertise and will help you make the right choices and lay the roadmap for making automation a way of life in your organization.

Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation
Consulting (Assessment,
Businesss case, ROI)

Automation Implementation

Tool Evaluations,
Automation Implementation using
Industry leading products

Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support
BCP / DRP Plans

Automation Solutions

Productized / Turnkey

Centre of Excellence

Building COE

Change Management

Change Management
Planning & Support

Business Case and ROI


We help articulate the business outcomes you can expect in your RPA journey. What are the real impacts and business benefits when you automate a process? Where and how do you re-deploy your people and what new skills will be required in your workforce? We help you discover answers to these and other key questions that will enable your decision making.

RPA and Automation Tools


We use our extensive research to help you determine what’s best for your business. Our experts recommend the best mix of tools and technologies for your specific business requirements. We partner with the best breed of automation tools in the market and being technology agnostic, we will ensure that your decisions are driven only by your specific business needs.

Productized Custom Solutions


We develop productized solutions in high potential process areas, driven by standard process workflows, pre-built bots and easy customization. In other cases, our team of expert consultants implement and deploy custom solutions end-to-end.

BCP and DRP Support


A new world of bots requires a new support structure to monitor and manage the environment. One must address process changes that necessitate modifications to the bots, re-plan your BCP and DR environment and capabilities, put in place a rapid decision support framework if and when a bot fails, correct and redeploy bots. Our framework has specific solutions to address all these support needs.

Set up COE

SET UP YOUR Centre-of-Excellence (COE)

If you need to build the capability to assess, build, monitor, update and manage your bot-sphere, our Playbook, with ready frameworks and templates to build and operate an enterprise-wide automation COE, can be customized for any enterprise.

Change Management


Effective change management is a critical success factor in implementing any automation programme. Our change management experts work with your executive team to design, roll out and manage the change with all stakeholders at all touch points.

Program Management


Though relatively easy to implement, automation projects require a very high level of program management, bringing together several work streams with simultaneous change. Our project and program managers have several years of experience and ensure that your automation transformation programme is planned and rolled out smoothly and professionally.

Automation Training Programmes


In addition to working with you to achieve your automation objectives, we also provide specific training programmes that focus on training and developing your own staff on automation. These are structured training initiatives that can be customised to your business needs and are delivered by our experienced trainers who will also coach and mentor your automation teams for future needs.

Please write to us at talk2us@taoautomation.com to explore how we can make automation work for your enterprise. You can also Contact Us for a no obligations consultation and help you explore automation opportunities for your enterprise.

What We Automate

Automation, including RPA, cognitive and machine learning solutions is the application of technology that enables an enterprise to setup computer-based “robots” that map business process workflows, interpret applications and data, communicate with other digital systems, trigger responses and execute the required tasks to complete a transaction.

There are specific business processes in various industries that can benefit significantly from automation. You can automate several processes within your enterprise at differing levels of benefits. End-to-end processes such as Order to Cash (O2C) and Procure to Pay (P2P) for example, have several sub-processes that can be automated.

Similarly, the ITO side of a business also has a large number of areas that can be automated. Historical implementation of multiple monitoring and management toolsets, information in silos, manual creation of integrated reports, manual monitoring itself, are all opportunities to bring about new efficiencies through proactive automation tools.

We work across functional process areas, analysing, discovering and realising opportunities to drive efficiency in your business operations.



  • Bid Process
  • Requistion to purchase
  • Accounts Payable


Human Resources

  • Hiring
  • Employee Transfer
  • Employee Separation
  • Success Planning discussion support
  • Statutory Reports


Infrastructure & Applications

  • Discovery
  • Monitoring
  • Service Desk
  • EUD management
  • Incident Resolution
  • Orchestration
  • Proactive and pre-emptive healing
  • Provisioning


Documents & Records Management

  • Master Data Management


Finance & Accounts

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Claims / Booking / Invoice
  • Accounts Payable
  • Proceed to Pay
  • Order to cash


Customer Relationship

  • Customer Support
  • Cal center
  • Omni Channel
Functional Process areas: Procurement, IT, Finance and Accounts, HR, Documents and Records management, Customer Relationship

Automation is easy to implement and gives immediate benefits in several areas of business.

Automation enables greater levels of productivity and improves efficiencies, increases customer service capability, increases the quality of a transaction, optimizes costs, offers seamless scalability and higher performance while enabling analytics resulting in greater compliance and better business insight.

Automation is significantly disrupting business process models and will result in an estimated 25% to 40% cost reduction in the enterprise business services space. Industries such as Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Healthcare and Pharma are among the early adopters, using RPA as the first step in their automation journey.

RPA Industries: Travel, Logistics, Telecom, Manufacturing, Retail, Pharma, Healthcare, Insurance, Banking and Finance

The automation market will also evolve from front-end transaction automation to a future based on cognitive capabilities.

Please write to us at talk2us@taoautomation.com to explore how we can make automation work for your enterprise. You can also Contact Us for a no obligations consultation and help you explore automation opportunities for your enterprise.

Our Solutions

TAO AutoReconTM

Transforming Account Reconciliations. Enterprise Account Reconciliations are a core accounting process and takes up a massive chunk of productive time in your finance organisation and is prone to high error rates. TAO’s AutoReconTM Solution delivers a quantum uplift in process performance for account reconciliations. Error rates are reduced to marginal levels and risk and compliance are significantly improved.

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Transforming the Candidate Screening to Onboarding Experience. Your business could be an established global enterprise. Or you might be rapidly scaling. In either case, your new candidate hiring and onboarding process is key to finding and inducting the talent that makes your business competitive. With TAO SCOOPSTM your HR teams will be empowered to transform from operations heavy to more strategic HR roles.

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What We Automate
How We Automate
Our Solutions