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TAO Automation, in partnership with Robiquity- Blue Prism’s first and leading authorized training partner, runs the first and only authorized Blue Prism training program in India.

“Robiquity is our first Authorised Training Partner.
They demonstrated excellent vision and alignment with our ambition to provide a reliable mechanism, for rapidly training up resources who are new to the Blue Prism community.”

Blue Prism Authorized Training Partner
Robiquity Authorized Training Partner
                           Neil Wright 
                          Global Head of Professional Services

    Course Description

The Blue Prism Bootcamp has been designed to train batches of 10 delegates on all aspects of the Blue Prism application. It is aligned to Blue Prism’s Robotic Operating Model (ROM). The Bootcamp condenses 3-4 month’s theoretical and practical exposure to a 2-week intense classroom course.

The cloud-based, intensive Bootcamp program is a fast path to Accreditation. On completing the Bootcamp, your delegates will be able to sit through the Blue Prism Developer Accreditation Exam.

    The Bootcamp Structure

Pre-Reading Week 1 Week 2 Accreditation Exam
Prior to the Blue Prism Bootcamp, delegates need to register and complete the Basic Awareness survey on the Blue Prism web portal. A blend of tutor-led theory interlaced with exposure to the Blue Prism application through practical examples. A four-day mini project based on three custom built applications. This exposes delegates to real-world issues and situations, typically not experienced by new developers until they are in a production environment. Finally, on the last day, delegates have the opportunity to sit for the Blue Prism Developer Accreditation exam. This lasts 70 minutes and consists of 70 multiple choice questions.
The Blue Prism Bootcamp covers the following modules:

  • Process Studio/Process Flow
  • Inputs and Outputs
  • Business Objects/Objects Studio
  • Error management/Error Handling
  • Case Management/Work Queues
  • Application Types
  • Additional Features
  • Surface Automation – Basics
The mini-project includes exposure to:

  • Web and Windows automation
  • University registration website (Web)
  • Examination database (MS Access)
  • Network Account Manager (.net)
  • Object layer Design
  • Exception Handling
  • Work Queues
  • Credential Management
  • Release Management
  • On day 10, delegates take part in a simulated mock session conducted under exam conditions. This identifies areas that need further support prior to the exam.
Delegates require:

  • 50 out of 70 to pass
  • 55 to pass with merit
  • 60 to pass with distinction


The program will be run by best-in-class trainers from Robiquity and TAO and we have a stellar record of over 85% of delegates clearing the Accreditation Exam.

    Who is the Course Suitable for?

The Bootcamp is aimed at delegates with exposure to process design/ mapping and basic software development.

    Are there any pre-course requirements?

In order to ensure the quality of intake, all delegates will have to clear a pre-assessment discussion in advance before they can be accepted as delegates to the program. The delegates go through a validation process to assess their technical skills and suitability to successfully complete this intense course. This includes an interrogation of their programming, database, process mapping and logic experience. Validation consists of both a CV review and 30-minute telephone or virtual interview.


On completion of the Bootcamp and clearing the Accreditation exam, delegates will be fully Accredited Blue Prism Developers with certificates. After Accreditation, your Blue Prism Accredited developers will be ready to join an existing Blue Prism development team as competent developers and with support, will quickly be able to fully develop business process automation using Blue Prism.

    Where will the Bootcamp be run?

Depending on your requirement, we can run your Blue Prism Bootcamp either from our training centre in Bangalore or from your location.

    Brief Program Details:

Bootcamp Duration: 2 Weeks full time
Maximum number of delegates per Bootcamp: 10

For further details and to book your program, please contact us now.

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